Costa Rica

DAY 1: Once we arrived in Costa Rica we took a van to a restaurant where the students ate fish, chicken, or beef as the main course and as sides there was salad, rice, plantains, black beans, and corn tortillas. One thing that was shocking to me was the drink we were served. It resembled a root beer float but as I took a sip I tasted a familiar flavor that I commonly drink in Lexington. It was iced tea. However, it had a white frothy mixture at the top which threw us off. After we finished our meal we hopped back on the bus and drove 90 minutes on a very slim dirt road. We drove past trees and livestock through the heavy rain with a volcano on each side of us. We arrived at our cabins and were treated by many fam dogs. Next was dinner, the cooks prepared seabass, cooked carrots, broccoli, potatoes and a delicious pesto sauce. After we finished we ate an amazing dessert and discussed why leaf cutter ants are so important to society due to their ability to make antibiotics that are more sufficient than any humans have created.
-Karina Pezzi
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Day 2: Today we woke up and went to breakfast where we ate fruit grown on the farm, eggs from the chickens, rice with pinto beans, and a juice made from Costa Rican fruits. After breakfast we discussed the scientific method and went outside and harvested fungus gardens from leaf cutter ants. We discussed the different types of leaf cutter ants (atta and acromyrmex) and the differences between them. We later watched videos to review what we learned earlier and then went to dinner. We had chicken, potatoes, pumpkin soup, cooked veggies, and mango juice. To top it off we had a Costa Rican dessert. Later on we are going on a night walk to explore the farm and the animals within the rainforest. 


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